PETKIT Replacement Filter 3.0 for Eversweet Solo, 2, 2S & 3 Drinking Fountain (5pcs)


Product Description

To help protect your pet from urinary diseases, they must always have access to safe and healthy drinking water. Continuous access to and supply of drinking water means better hydration and prevention of urinary diseases. Introducing, PETKIT Replacement Filter 3.0 for Eversweet Solo, 2, 2S & 3 Drinking Fountain, these are lightweight and circular in shape allowing them to conveniently fit right into your PETKIT Ever sweet drinking fountain device.

Benefits and Features

  • PETKIT FILTER 3.0 is designed for use with both Petkit Eversweet Fountain versions 2, 3, Solo and 2S.
  • Has a high-density micropore filter for a stronger filtration function, removing fine impurities and hair. With Coconut shell active carbon filter; improve water quality and remove residual chlorine microorganisms. 
  • Designed with a layer of ion exchange resin that removes heavy metal ions.
  • PETKIT FILTER 3.0 more effectively protect your pet from urinary system diseases.


PP, PP cotton, nylon mesh, coconut shell active carbon, ion exchange resin



Directions for Use

  • For SMART MODE, replace the filter every 3 months; for NORMAL MODE, replace every 1 month.
  • The indicator will display an ORANGE light when filter replacement is needed.
  • When the Filter light flashes, it's time for a replacement.
  • Before installation, ensure thorough soaking of the filter in water.
    (Suggested soaking: twice, each for 5 minutes, followed by a gentle rinse)
  • Operating temperature range: 0℃-50℃
  • After filter replacement, reset the water fountain settings.
  • Approximate replacement cycle: 30-60 days (Refer to fountain indicator or PETKIT App)

Package Size

14 x 14 x 1.2cm


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