PET X-ZONE Pet Foldable Playpen (Breeders' Choice)

$62.95 $79.99

Product Description

Is your pet prone to mischief in your absence? Ensure their well-being with the Pet Foldable Playpen Large. This generously-sized playpen offers both mobility and security, allowing you to accompany your pet on the go while setting up swiftly. Reinforced corners and an attached floor provide a safeguard, thwarting any escape attempts, while the protected seams deter chewing. With its expansive space, your furry companion can play contentedly and remain protected within the Pet Foldable Playpen Large.

Benefits and Features

  • Experience the convenience of a portable, collapsible playpen, offering a secure haven for your pet no matter your location.
  • Effortless setup and compact collapse, enhanced by reinforced corners and safeguarded seams for optimal safety.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this playpen folds flat effortlessly and fits snugly into the accompanying carry bag.
  • Ample space accommodates small and medium pets, facilitated by the inclusion of eight panels.

Package Size

73cm L x 43cm H

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