PAKEWAY Tomcat Pink Free Cabin Cat Litter Box

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Product Description

Experience the PAKEWAY Pink Tomcat Free Cabin Cat Litter Box – an extraordinary creation showcasing an innovative dual-door design that provides dual entry points for your cherished companions. Its one-way traffic layout invites active cats to enter effortlessly through the front, and upon departure, engage in playful exploration via the top exit. This box features grated steps for a delightful exit and to prevent litter from escaping, catering to those who appreciate embracing uniqueness.

Benefits and Features

  • Boasts a fully detachable splicing design, ensuring easy access through double door folding.
  • Access control option empowers you to influence your cat's behavior.
  • Suitable for cats of all ages, making it a versatile choice for every feline.
  • Effectively curtails litter tracking with a sand pedal.
  • The brown ABS engineering resin transparent door creates a subdued light environment, enhancing feline privacy and security.
  • Elegantly harmonized color scheme, paired with meticulous details, showcases a streamlined, minimalist form, resonating with the preferences of contemporary enthusiasts.
  • Crafted from premium, environmentally-friendly PP resin, guaranteeing non-toxicity, tastelessness, and overall safety.
  • Dual-side and top door configuration accommodates cats of all life stages, offering lifelong companionship without the need for frequent replacements.
  • Complete disassembly capability ensures effortless maintenance, preventing dirt buildup and bacterial proliferation.
  • Crafted for those who cherish individuality, featuring an exceptional dual-door arrangement that provides two entry points for your beloved pets to access their private domain.
  • The one-way traffic system facilitates easy entry from the front and a playful exit through the top, complete with grated steps to prevent litter tracking.
  • Complemented by a side-mounted activated carbon filter to neutralize odors, the double doors of this cozy hideaway litter box can be fully unfolded for convenient cleaning.
  • Simplified maintenance and cleaning contribute to an overall hassle-free experience.


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    Additional Information

    Package Inclusion: Cat Litter Box x 1


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