PAKEWAY Large Size Cat Toilet Tray (4 colors)


Product Description

Step up your cat's litter experience with the PAKEWAY Large Size Cat Toilet Tray – an exceptional open-type cat litter tray designed to cater to cats of all sizes. Its shell-like structure mimics nature's elegance while embracing a half-pack design, ingeniously containing litter spillage and optimizing litter usage. This innovation not only aids in cost-saving but also maintains the cleanliness of your space. The feline-friendly design provides easy entry and exit, making it a preferred choice for cats.

Benefits and Features

  • Incorporates an upper shell with perforations, enhancing litter retention.
  • Deep design facilitates proper digging and covering.
  • Effortlessly disassembles for hassle-free cleaning.
  • Boasts eye-catching colors and robust construction.
  • Promotes visibility of dirt, facilitating timely cleaning, and offers convenient access for maintenance.


Golden & Coffee

Package Size


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