Auto Pet Drying Box with Revitalizing Warm Air System

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Product Description

The drying box is meticulously crafted for efficiently drying small cats and dogs. Featuring an innovative full-bottom air supply design, it directs air to the pet's abdomen, ensuring rapid and direct drying. The multi-directional circulating airflow adeptly reaches even the most challenging areas, while rapid cooling and efficient heat dissipation maintain continuous drying for pets within just 45 minutes, uninterrupted. As an embodiment of direct circulation technology, it guarantees ample airflow and space, effectively minimizing wind energy loss and significantly boosting airflow velocity.

Benefits and Features

  • Ergonomic structure and intelligent heat control ensure your pets' comfort and allow them to relax in a perfect smart pet bed.
  • Engineered with ergonomic precision and intelligent heat control, ensuring your pets' ultimate comfort and providing them a serene haven in a state-of-the-art smart pet bed.
  • The ingenious cabin design relieves you from constantly managing your furry friend's escape plans, allowing you to prioritize their comfort, emotions, and well-being.
  • Drybo Plus revolutionizes drying times, dramatically reducing effort and time required for thorough drying.
  • The ventilation system within the entire cabin efficiently extracts stagnant and heated air, replacing it with a continuous flow of fresh air, facilitated by numerous venting holes on the doors and tempered glass, ensuring natural air exchange without the need for activation.
  • Operating discreetly at 40dB in gentle cozy-dry mode and under 60dB in the faster quick-dry mode.
  • Drybo Plus generates powerful airflows from the base, effectively reaching and drying challenging areas such as the belly, thighs, and paws.
  • The protective system swiftly detects signs of overheating or potential hazards, ensuring a secure drying experience. It incorporates six sets of autonomous safety components to safeguard Drybo Plus both physically and electrically.
  • Emitting a warm and soothing breeze, Drybo Plus maintains optimal warmth to prevent discomfort or chilliness while ensuring uniform air distribution.
  • Equipped with Ceramic PTC Thermistor Heaters, promptly reaching preset temperatures and evenly diffusing heat without creating hotspots.
  • The PID controller stabilizes temperature fluctuations, minimizing any discomfort for your beloved pet.
  • The intuitive control panel simplifies operation, designed for clarity and ease of use.
  • Child and pet safety is ensured through accidental touch protection, preventing unintended activation.
  • Tailor the heat intensity, airflow speed, and drying duration, putting customization at the forefront of Drybo Plus's features, allowing personalized comfort for your pet.
  • Contains negative ions that contribute to a plush and lustrous pet coat. The negative ion generator draws moisture from the air, producing fine moisture-rich ions that permeate each strand of hair, promoting a healthy and less damaged appearance.
  • Maintenance is hassle-free. The robust ventilation system with a helix air path efficiently collects and traps pet hairs on the filter, making cleanup effortless.
  • Drybo Plus's maintenance is remarkably straightforward. Its circuit-free bottom part allows for easy detachment of the drainage plate, facilitating the removal of any excess liquids. A simple wipe-down of the base restores Drybo Plus to pristine condition.

Package Size

437mm x 467mm x 436mm (L/DxWxH)

Additional Information

Noise Level: Quiet drying below 40 dB


Size Recommendations: 

  • 20 lbs cat
  • 15 lbs puppy

About Drybo Plus

Q: What range of pets sizes is compatible with your pet dryer?

A: Drybo Plus accommodates the following:

- Up to 2 pets (cats or dogs) with an average weight of up to 13 lbs/5.8kg each; or

- 1 Maine Coon weighing 19 lbs/8.6kg; or

- 1 British Shorthair weighing 21 lbs/9.5kg; or

- 1 puppy weighing 12 lbs/5.4kg, or a small-sized dog.

A corgi that weights around 33lbs is too large to fit in.

Q:How long will it take to dry my pet?

A:The duration of drying varies based on the breed and weight of your pet. Frequently, Drybo Plus achieves complete drying for a single pet within 45 minutes when utilizing the Quick-Dry mode. The Quick-Dry mode is set to a default time of 60 minutes, while the Cozy-Dry mode is set at 120 minutes. You have the flexibility to customize the drying time according to your preferences. For enhanced efficiency, we suggest gently toweling your pet before the drying session.

Q:How to use the pet bed mode?

A:Click 'Power’ and 'Lock’ to unlock the dryer.

Press 'Mode' to select: Heat Mode or Cool Mode.

Press ’Setting’ to adjust.

Heat Mode:

Press '+' and '-' to adjust temperature and wind speed respectively.

Cool Mode:

Press '+' and '-' to adjust wind speed.


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