ZODIAC Grapefruit Fruity Tofu Cat Litter 4x2.5kg

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Product Description

Introducing ZODIAC Grapefruit Fruity Tofu Cat Litter 4x2.5kg, crafted from 100% natural tofu residues for a dust-free and paw-friendly experience. Its rapid absorbency and clumping action simplify cleaning tasks. The delightful Grapefruit scent not only masks odors but also adds a refreshing fragrance to your space.

Benefits and Features

  • 1. **100% Safe, All-Natural, and Eco-Friendly:** Tofu-based litter is made from natural and sustainable ingredients, making it safe for both cats and the environment. Its production and decomposition have minimal impact on the ecosystem.

  • 2. **Consistent and Effective Clumping:** The tofu-based material clumps effectively, making it easier to scoop and clean the litter box. This helps maintain a clean and odor-free environment for your cat.

  • 3. **Flushable in Small Amounts:** Being able to flush small amounts of the litter can save you time and effort in disposal. However, it's important to ensure that the litter is compatible with your plumbing system and to follow any guidelines for flushing.

  • 4. **Dust-Free and Soft on Paws:** Dust-free litter is beneficial for both your cat's respiratory health and your own. A soft texture is comfortable for your cat to walk on and reduces the likelihood of tracking litter throughout your home.

  • 5. **Quick Absorption and Clumping:** Quick absorption and clumping make it easy to remove soiled litter, which contributes to maintaining a clean litter box environment.

  • 6. **Naturally Scented and Odor Elimination:** The natural scent, such as a fresh Grapefruit scent, can help mask odors and keep the litter box area smelling pleasant. Additionally, the litter's ability to eliminate odors helps keep your home odor-free.

  • 7. **Free from Harmful Chemicals:** The absence of harmful chemicals ensures the safety of your cat and reduces the potential for allergic reactions.

  • 8. **Produced from Pure Food-Grade Bean Curd Residues:** The use of food-grade materials indicates a high level of safety and quality in the production process.

  • 9. **Biodegradable Cat Litter:** The litter's biodegradability ensures that it breaks down naturally over time, reducing its impact on landfills and the environment.

  • 10. **Long Lasting:** With up to 16 weeks of use for one adult cat, this litter offers good value for pet owners.

    Overall, this type of tofu-based clumping litter seems to offer a comprehensive solution for cat owners who prioritize sustainability, safety, and ease of use. Always make sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for usage, disposal, and flushing to ensure the best results.


Food-grade Soy Pulp



Usage Guidelines:

  • Begin by laying a layer of cat litter, approximately 5-8cm thick, in the cat toilet.
  • Daily, ensure to clean and scoop out both litter and cat waste.
  • Periodically monitor litter levels and replenish the cat litter as needed to maintain optimal effectiveness.
  • For optimal performance, replace the used cat litter on a weekly basis.
  • Avoid placing the cat toilet in damp or wet environments to ensure its longevity and cleanliness.It is recommended to lay a 5-8cm thick layer of cat litter in the cat toilet.

Shipping Disclaimer

At Cat Factory, we want to ensure the best possible experience for our valued customers. However, please be aware that we cannot control the conditions during transport of cat litter from our store. Unforeseen road bumps and parcel collisions are beyond our control and may impact the integrity of the packaging, potentially causing vacuum loss or leaks.

Rest assured, if you receive a package with compromised packaging but find the cat litter inside to be dry, you can trust that the quality and functionality of the litter remain unaffected. You can confidently continue to use it as intended.

In the rare instance that cat litter packages or their contents have been tampered with, damaged due to exposure to water, fire, or chemicals, we are committed to addressing your concerns. Such cases will be eligible for returns and refunds.

We take pride in offering vacuum-sealed cat litters, which are designed to minimize package volume. This not only ensures the product's quality but also helps you save on shipping costs for heavier items.

Thank you for choosing Cat Factory, where we prioritize your satisfaction and the well-being of your feline companions.


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