Cat Tree Tower Scratching Post 130cm Furniture Scratcher Pet Condo House

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Product Description:

Introducing the Alopet Cat Tree – a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and feline amusement! This distinctive cat tree is meticulously crafted to create a snug and engaging environment for your cherished feline companion while infusing a touch of nature-inspired sophistication into your home decor.

Standing tall and proud, this Cat Tree emulates the natural beauty of a cactus, featuring a lifelike textured surface and authentic cactus-like branches. Its captivating design is bound to spark conversations, making it a captivating addition to any room.

Your cat will relish exploring the various levels and platforms of this tree, offering a multitude of perches and scratching posts. The robust branches serve as perfect scratching surfaces, allowing your cat to indulge their innate scratching instincts while safeguarding your furniture from their sharp claws.

With its sturdy construction and a secure base, this Cat Tree guarantees the safety and steadiness of your adventurous feline, even during spirited leaps and climbs. The plush and cozy platforms and beds provide inviting spots for relaxation, encouraging your cat to enjoy much-needed catnaps. The incorporated interactive elements will captivate your furry friend for hours, with a hanging ball adding an extra dash of excitement, stimulating your cat's hunting instincts and encouraging active play.

Treat your feline companion to an enchanting and comfortable sanctuary with the Alopet Cat Tree. It's the ideal fusion of functionality, elegance, and amusement, affording your cat their personal haven while introducing a touch of nature-inspired charm to your living space. Gift your cat the pampering they deserve and transform your home into a feline-friendly haven with this extraordinary cat tree.

Key Features:

- Cactus-inspired design
- Multiple unique platforms
- Hanging ball toys
- Safe and sturdy construction
- Detachable acrylic bowl
- Eye-catching green and yellow color scheme
- Includes an extra expansion screw for enhanced stability
- Easy assembly process

*Please note that the actual color may vary due to differences in monitor color depth and calibration.

Item Specifications:

- Material: Wood, Cashmere, and Sisal
- Overall Dimensions: 130 x 66 x 50cm
- Color: Green and Yellow
- Assembly Required: Yes
- Number of Packages: 1

Package Contents:

- Alopet Cat Tree x 1
- User Manual x 1
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