PETKIT Cooling Pet Bed


Product Description

Introducing the PETKIT Cooling Pet Bed – a pinnacle of comfort and opulence crafted exclusively for your cherished furry companions. Meticulously designed and constructed, this exceptional bed guarantees year-round tranquility for your pets. The secret behind its excellence lies within the ingeniously engineered orthopedic memory foam, which contours to your pet's unique resting posture, providing unmatched solace by relieving pressure points and joints.

The PETKIT Cooling Bed showcases a dual-sided marvel. On one facet, an innovative cooling system coupled with soothing ice gel ensures your pets remain cool and revitalized amidst scorching summers. On the reverse, a warm crystal fleece surface emanates coziness and warmth, cocooning them during chilly winters. Enhanced by advanced 3D memory foam, the bed seamlessly absorbs and cushions pressure, harmonizing with your pet's every motion and delivering an unparalleled level of luxury.

Beyond prioritizing your pet's wellness, this bed raises convenience to new heights. Its sleek, contemporary design is complemented by an anti-slip base, a practical handle, and discreet zippers, seamlessly amplifying efficiency and ease of use.

Elevate your pet's slumber with the PETKIT Cooling Pet Bed – a seamless fusion of comfort, elegance, and utility.

Benefits and Features

  • Artfully crafted to bestow exceptional comfort upon your pets, ensuring uninterrupted serenity in their slumber across every season.
  • The orthopedic memory foam offers respite for your pet's pressure points and joints, promoting overall well-being and alleviating discomfort.
  • Encompassing both a cooling system with soothing ice gel and a warm crystal fleece surface, this bed accommodates your pet's needs in both summer and winter, ensuring their contentment irrespective of the weather.
  • Incorporation of 3D memory foam permits the bed to gracefully absorb and cushion pressure, effortlessly adjusting to your pet's motions and guaranteeing they discover the utmost comfort.
  • Enriched with an anti-slip base, a handle, and concealed zippers, ensuring convenience in use and upkeep.
  • Effortlessly disassembled and hand-washed for easy maintenance, ensuring lasting freshness for your pet's pleasure.
  • Suitable for cats of all sizes and small-sized breed dogs.


PP Cotton, Memory Foam, Non-woven Liner, Linen Fabric.


1 pc

Package Size

Small 55 x 44 x 15cm

Medium 65 x 52 x 19cm

Large 90 x 65 x 21cm


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